For suppliers of goods - go here

If you want to be a provider of accounts, coupons, other services and other goods, please read the prerequisites and information to avoid unnecessary questions:

- we place your goods for sale, the price of the goods is determined by you yourself, we add the rest of the markup ourselves. We do not recommend setting ultra-high and similar prices for your goods, do not equal the prices in other stores, like - "There is this much, and there is even higher!"

You must clearly understand that if your product is cheaper than others, then it will be bought more often, if not all the time. If your product has a high price, then it will also be on sale for a long time. And we always strive in this direction, so that we have it cheaper than others.

 - we make payments to the most common payment systems - WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Bank cards and so on. And for payments to your accounts, you will need to provide at least 2-3 accounts of different payment systems, and not just 1 account. Since they buy and pay for the goods to different accounts, we cannot pay everyone only for 1 account, which is only convenient for him.

 - payments can be made in different ways:

 a) at your request after a part or full sale of the goods;

 b) we pay ourselves if the goods are sold completely or almost completely, if we ourselves saw that the goods have already been sold.

In general, payments in this plan are constant and without delays. When making payments, we inform you about the payment, if you forgot to notify, sorry, maybe there were a lot of applications at that time.

 - you give the name and description of the goods yourself, the more detailed the description of the goods is written, the clearer it will be for the buyer. We always try to describe everything in the description of the product being sold and the buyer will have fewer questions before or after the purchase;

 - when adding your product, you will also receive a link to your product being sold, where you can control the sales of your product yourself;

 - you will have to keep in touch with the administration of the store periodically so that you can answer within 24 hours. In case of problems with your product due to a buyer's complaint or other reasons, you will have to respond to the administration's request within 24 hours, otherwise, we will have to hide your product from sale and return the funds to the buyer if the problem is not resolved;

 - we accept small and large wholesale of goods for sale. If you have a couple of dozen products or even less, then please do not disturb. We are interested and offer long-term cooperation with the supply of goods on a permanent and more or less massive basis. An exception may be promoted accounts and so on.

 - if you want to sell a product to us directly, without selling it in a store, you will need to have preliminary guarantees and a history of online activities. In rare cases, we redeem the goods immediately.

Actual goods that we accept for sale are Google, Facebook, Twitter, mail accounts, more often foreign ones, such as Yahoo, Mail, and so on.

Briefly how it happens - you contact us at the store's contacts, discuss the details of the product, whether we need it or not, the price of the product, the number of deliveries, through which contacts the product will be sent, and you will receive payments, after sending us the product itself, the name and description to it, details for payments, we accept it, place it in the store, give you a link to your product being sold. We are waiting for sales.