How to pay and payment methods

Video review of the store - an overview of the store's functionality, how to buy, what to do with accounts after purchase, recommendations when working with Google accounts, and so on -

There are several payment methods in the store, you can pay using such systems as (different payment methods), Bank cards (via Monobank, for residents of Ukraine), Bank cards, SBP through the Freekassa system, Bank cards, via Lava, USDT (TRC-20), Payeer (payment only in rubles).

In manual mode, we can accept payment directly through contacts on Payeer, where you will not lose interest on transfers when paying through different payment systems, but the minimum payment will be from 500 rubles, this is due to the fact that you do not clog wallets lots of small translations!

After payment, depending on the payment method, you either confirm the purchase on the site using the Check payment method, or return to the site after payment and already on the site receive your purchased goods. If you have any problems with receiving the goods after payment, please contact us to resolve issues.

You can pay both on the site and replenish the balance of your personal account and make purchases from the balance in your personal account! Personal account, login or register at this link.

Let's go into a little more detail.

Payment through the system - payment in automatic mode. The following payment methods are available:

  - Webmoney (USD)

  - QIWI

  - USDT (TRC-20)

  - bitcoin

  - Ethereum

  - Litecoin

  - Union pay

  - Turkish Bank Card

  - Gift cards

  - PIX

  - From Digiseller balance - a good selection of payment methods, including bank cards. It currently offers payment methods such as:

  1. FKWallet (RUB, USD - internal wallet of the service, you can top up here


  3. YuMoney

  4. Bank card VISA (RUB, KZT)

  5. Bank card MasterCard (RUB)

  6. Bank card MIR

  7. SBP

  8. Online banking

Payment via Monobank. Payment is made manually. For payment by bank cards for residents of Ukraine, not only with Monobank cards, but also with other cards of Ukrainian banks. Payment only in hryvnia, the amount is calculated at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia. It is necessary to transfer for payment exactly the amount that is indicated at the time of purchase. After the transfer, all that remains is to check the status of the payment and receive the goods.

Payment through The following payment methods are available - from the balance of a personal wallet on the website, Bank cards, QIWI wallet.

Payment via USDT (TRC-20). You can pay by QR-code or manually enter the wallet and the payment amount. Auto check. Minimum commissions.

Payment via Payeer. Payment is made manually. Payment only in rubles. When making a payment, you will need to copy the wallet, amount and note code and add it all in the payment transfer form on the Payeer website. If you do not enter a note code, your payment will not be found. (temporarily not working)

Important Notes! After paying for the goods, if the payment was in automatic mode, always press the button to return to the site, it can be called differently in different payment systems. Some systems send you back on their own, in others you have to push back yourself to get the goods. If you do not press return to the site, in some cases the goods may not arrive in your mail and then you will need to write to the store's support to receive the goods. Do not forget that in order to receive the goods, you need to provide purchase data, an example is given here.