Buyer's personal account

Your personal buyer account - click to enter or register. Do not use mail from the service for registration and purchases, since letters may not reach there or be blocked and you will not receive letters from our store, use other well-known mail services, such as yandex, gmail, and so on.


In your client panel, you will have access to:
 - direct communication with the seller;
 - viewing all your purchases, which is very convenient, older purchases will be hidden over time, so save your purchases to convenient storages for you, the store does not look for or give out your purchases if they have already disappeared from the purchase history;
 - Email subscriptions for product updates;
 - history of calls to the seller;
 - viewing the discounts that are in the store at the moment;
 - referral system.

Referral system. (referral system is disabled for now)
What is a referral system?
The store provides you with the opportunity to register as a referral and then start making money on advertising for this store.
How it works?
In the client panel, you must fill in the required fields, it is worth considering that in the future this data will not be changed.
After you register, you will be assigned a unique link that you need to distribute to attract visitors to the store. For each purchase made by a buyer who followed your link, you will receive a% of the order amount, which will be indicated in the form. You can get money for sales from the seller of the store by contacting the contacts that are on the site or through the section "Contacting the seller"