Didn't receive the goods after payment, closed the payment window? Write to the contacts of the store and indicate the purchase details.

There were problems with the purchased goods, or if, after payment, for various reasons you could not receive the purchased item - you accidentally closed the window with the payment details, the store did not issue the goods, there were problems with accounts, and so on, then when contacting the support service, be sure to indicate the informative purchase data, namely:

- the mail indicated when purchasing the product;

- specify the note code or ID, purchase code, if such was specified during the purchase;

(where to look for this note or purchase code - all wallets have a history of transfers, look there);

- if there is no note, purchase code, indicate the time of purchase.

Please, when contacting the support service, send this data immediately with your question. With an incomplete request form, the essence of other questions, support will not give you an answer until you clearly formulate the specifics of the situation that has arisen, the problem, and so on. Please, take care of your own and other people's time, when contacting, indicating the essence of your problem, providing the purchase data, according to the examples indicated, in order to avoid lengthy dialogues to provide the necessary data!

Optionally, you can send a screenshot of the payment. Upload all screenshots to photo hosting. But the above treatment option is required! Submit purchase data in text, no need to send everything in screenshots.

An example of a request for a similar problem:

Hello. I bought accounts, but the store after payment does not give out the goods and there is no letter in the mail either.

I pointed out the mail

Note codeinvoice[hZZFlxlAsgNLA4s] or purchase code 

A screenshot of the payment is attached to the message (optional, optional).