Terms and conditions for the purchase of goods in the store

The following conditions are provided below for all users when purchasing a product

By making a purchase from our store, you agree to the following terms of service:

- checking the goods immediately after buying it (bought - checked everything or selectively, if it is not possible to check all the goods at once. If there are problems with the goods - invalid, blocked, etc. accounts, report immediately, and not after an hour, and so on If you report or decide to report a problem product not immediately and later, you are responsible for the purchased product and you will not be able to replace the product or refund. there will be no goods. Buy the quantity of goods that you can check within the allotted time) We, in turn, always try to post high-quality and 100% valid goods *;

* Why such conditions for buyers about the purchased goods. There are a number of reasons for this:

  Reason 1. Example - a buyer bought accounts, within a few hours drove the accounts into the block (ban) of the service, then writes to us that we sold him the blocked accounts and requires either a replacement product or a refund. When checking, we find out that he received completely working accounts after the purchase! And thanks to such buyers, we are removing the 24-hour guarantee on accounts! The entire guarantee now applies at the time of sale: bought-checked the product (bad product - write right away, good product - we don't complain about its block and poor-quality product even after half an hour, the conditions are described above.) Thank such unscrupulous buyers! Thank!

  Reason 2. Force majeure. Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control and for a number of other reasons, the accounts of some services may be blocked, limited by the functionality of a number of actions from the services themselves in which the accounts were created - this may be, for example, planned / unplanned work to clean the service from bots, when the service is updated and for a number of other reasons, about which the services themselves, of course, do not provide information. More often, Google, VK, Instagram accounts are subject to such blocking and restrictions. Basically, this is beyond our control, but entirely on the services in which the accounts were created, therefore, after the purchase, after the end of the store's guarantees for the goods, if the goods were valid, but in the future you receive such locks, restrictions, etc. P. to accounts, the product cannot be replaced, funds are not returned.

- the product is subject to replacement or refund only if it is invalid (inadequate quality) - the account is blocked, the account is deleted, the account login information is incorrect. In this case, you are provided with a replacement of the product or a refund to the card or wallet from which the payment was made.

- the purchased product cannot be returned and / or replaced in cases where you were inattentive when choosing to purchase the product and buying it, then make a claim that this is not what you need, and so on, be careful, read the description to goods, if you have any questions, write to the specified contacts on the site; if you bought a product, but for some reason it does not suit you! The product must be replaced only if it is invalid - the account has been blocked, the account has been deleted, the data for entering the account is incorrect. After purchasing the product, all responsibility passes to the buyer! In these cases, we can only help with answers and advice about the problem that has arisen and why it happened. We do not provide training, consultations on what to do with the purchased product, what security measures must be followed when handling and using accounts, depending on the service, or how to even log in from the purchased account. There is always an accessible description for the goods, there are still questions - ask by contacts before buying. In addition - an article on working with Google accounts has been added to the site - if our recommendations are not followed, the replacement of the goods and the refund will not be made.

- accounts in the store are sold for review and / or use only for legal purposes that do not violate the terms and conditions of these services, as well as the laws of the country in which these accounts will be used. It is forbidden to use accounts that violate the rules of the services in which they were registered or other resources, as well as those that violate the laws of the countries in which they will be used. After the purchase, the buyer is responsible for the use of accounts, actions in them and their consequences;

- having bought any product, you are advised to immediately check it and / or use it in the near future, since on some services accounts may be blocked due to long downtime and inactivity. In other words - use the purchased product immediately, and do not leave work with it for later and other late dates;

- if you cannot check a large number of goods in the near future after purchase, buy the quantity that you can check immediately, on the same day, after purchase, and not within several days, a week, and so on, since guarantees for the goods apply only at the time of purchase on the basis of bought-checked goods;

- from our side, we guarantee the sale of goods in one hand;

- the service of our store guarantees that products are added to the store with 100% validity;

- the store is not a repository of your purchases, you bought a product, downloaded it, saved it in a storage convenient for you. Then you don't need to write to us if it is possible to somehow restore purchases, the store does not look for and does not give out goods that have already disappeared from the purchase history in the store itself;

- think a few times before buying accounts, ask the remaining questions in support for the specified contacts;

- ignorance of the rules of the conditions for the purchase of goods does not relieve you of liability to the established rules of the service;

 - answer and solution of questions / problems / suggestions within 48 hours from the moment of sending your application;

 - We draw your attention to the fact that many products are added to the store from account providers, therefore, for the sake of general security and in order to avoid misunderstandings and problems, we strongly recommend that after purchasing any accounts, change the access methods - passwords, additional data, if any. For our part, we remind you once again that we sell accounts strictly to one person, but we cannot guarantee that all account providers 100% fulfill the agreed obligations. In addition, as it was written above in the rules, after the purchase, the responsibility for the goods passes to the buyer - therefore, after the purchase, you must change all the security data of the accounts - passwords, add. mail and so on, if any, you do not need to write to us in a week, a month and so on that you suddenly lost access to your accounts and similar problems, did not change your data - your problems, claims and complaints will not be accepted;

- always read the description for the product. According to the description for the product, if indicated, we sell clean account autoregisters that were not previously used. After the purchase, check the accounts immediately, not only for validity, but also for the order of use, especially if this moment is important to you. If after the purchase you come across previously used accounts, let us know about it right away so that we can quickly figure out the situation and solve all the questions and problems related to this. If we sell used accounts, then we indicate this in the description of the product;

- if you have any problems with the purchase or after the purchase of the product or other difficulties associated with this, then when contacting support, be sure to immediately indicate the essence of the question in this form - How to properly submit a support ticket in case of problems with the product.

When contacting support, always follow two main rules:

   a) A detailed and understandable statement of your problem, question, suggestion! Submit your application not in a nutshell, what happens more often, but the more details, the better. The less information you provide to resolve your issue, the longer it will take to resolve. Support has the right to request information of interest from the applicant to resolve the issue - the more you do not agree, the even longer your issue will be considered. Upon receipt of an application, our service undertakes to respond to your request within 24 hours - consider this moment! Therefore, depending on the employment of the support and / or other circumstances, your question can be resolved both within a few minutes after contacting, and within a few hours! We will answer everyone, we will try to help everyone - everything has its time!

   b) Be mutually polite. Contacting the support service should be accompanied by the rules not only of netiquette, but also by the general human norms of behavior and dialogue. Support staff are also people, not robots - so in what tone you contact support, in that tone you will get an answer. Our service is not going to tolerate boorish, inadequate, nervous, demanding and similar behavior on the part of the client. The support service has the right to refuse to resolve the issue to the client and close the application without its permission, in the event of inappropriate behavior and / or treatment, about which the applicant will be warned if such a fact occurs. Therefore, before you get nasty, think twice. No one is going to tolerate inadequate personalities.

 - site rules, conditions of purchase of goods may change. So before buying, especially if you rarely make it, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these rules and agreements!

by making a purchase in our store, you automatically accept this agreement "Terms and conditions for the purchase of goods"

Best regards, administration of the online store service!