Working with Google Accounts

How to start using your Google account from logging into your account and further initial steps is written in this article, read it, it will definitely be useful to you!

Google is constantly improving and this also applies to accounts in its service and creates constant difficulties when working with their products!

There will be a lot of "letters" here, so if you are too lazy, you can not read, but when you ask similar questions that already essentially answer in this article, you will be directed here!

Since the beginning of autumn 2022, Google has introduced certain new restrictions when working with its accounts - now, just after logging into your account, you cannot immediately change your password, backup mail, create a youtube channel or other important actions with your account or create additional products in Google services, all this will lead to a temporary blocking of the account (blocking on SMS) or an eternal blocking. This is elementary, why this happens - the user buys a Google account, logs into it from a new device, location, IP and immediately begins to perform any of the actions described above with the account, will this be suspicious for Google? Of course it will and it will lead to sad consequences!!! It is strange that Google did not introduce such restrictions a few years ago, but only relatively recently. But there is always a way out. If the user uses the account as a regular user, then for some time it will be possible to change the account password, backup mail, and so on, because you are already a real user of the account, and not a regular bot, right? So what needs to be done so that Google accepts you into your account as a native and allows you to do certain actions on your account? That's right - make the account alive. And to make your account alive, you need to "warm up" it with certain or random actions - make a search history and history of actions on your account (use Google, Yandex search engines, go from search to sites, perform various actions on sites, click on links, scroll the page , registration on different sites), it’s good to visit YouTube, watch videos and other actions in this service. In general, the basic information of actions is written to you. You yourself can expand this circle of actions on your account! And you need to warm up your account not for one day, but for several, I won’t tell you according to the period of days, but from experience - you can already change the account’s backup mail on the first day after warming up, but better on the second. By changing the password, I won’t tell you how many days you can change it, definitely at least after 5-7 days of daily warming up the account, according to experience, after 2-3 days after warming up and changing passwords, about 40-50% of accounts fly into blocking by SMS, so keep in mind that changing the password on your Google account is one of the most unpredictable actions at the moment in terms of consequences! But you don’t have to change your Google account password, having found out from the store’s contacts which accounts are reliable, on which it’s not necessary to change the password and it’s safe to use the account, but I myself would still try to find a way out and change passwords! When to create a YouTube channel? It is also possible after 1-2 days of feeding. If you have automation of actions and multithreading, I do not recommend using large streams, if you have proxies from the same subnet, server ones, which are also essentially the same type, then the streams should be 1-2, you will make more streams, Google can also detect you and block you accounts! In general, by trial and error in the future, you can already determine for yourself what and how much to do for future work with your account, the beginning is scheduled for you! Yes, and be sure to save cookies for accounts, account profiles, so that you can log in constantly from the saved data, and not perform every day, once a new, different from the previous, login, this can also harm your account! But how to save these incomprehensible cookies, account profiles? To do this, there are certain programs that are written below!

Who works manually, but wants to automate everything? How to save cookies, account profiles? If certain programs, for example ZennoPoster, (you can buy here), for which scripts are written, (called templates), with which you can automate work with accounts, perform the same account foraging, change passwords, and so on, as well as save account profiles , which store all the data from accounts, the same cookies and so on! There is a thematic forum for working with the program, where you can not only learn how to use the program, but also write scripts for it, or if you don’t have the time and desire, then you can already buy ready-made templates, you don’t need them, then order a template according to your requests, but don’t Remember, the Zennoposter program is paid, you can buy it here. There is a light version of ZennoBox, it is issued to you if you buy a template, for this you need to first register in the service! There is also other software for automating actions, free and paid versions, you can find it here - BrowserAutomationStudio, you can also register there, there is a thematic forum, and also order ready-made scripts for the program! How it saves profiles, account cookies, I do not know, since I did not work with this program! You can search for other ways to automate actions with Google accounts in the same Google search. Someone writes their own programs, scripts on their own and this is usually not for sale!

And some important information for those who use browsers for manual authorization, as well as about browsers in different programs!

Sorry, but some still do not understand obvious things! So for those who are in a tank, an armored train, and so on, sorry for such a comparison, but it’s annoying to explain the same thing, I describe the situation - you log into your account from an empty, clean browser, antidetect (this is generally tin and a separate story), a browser with plugins anonymity and the like, do you think it will be normal for Google to respond to such an input? Of course not, you become for him like a red rag for a bull! Because you are empty, you don't have any search history, cache, etc! And okay, if it's just a regular, real browser on a computer, it's still half the trouble, but if it's an anti-detect program, a browser with anti-detection (google it if you don't know), it's even worse at times, Google sees all this, and the more you stuffed for encryption, so it will be worse for you. What problems does it pose? Even starting from logging into your account - Google may request confirmation by mail, activation by SMS, or you are more likely to not be able to log into your account and will see restrictions on logging into your account, up to blocking the login and / or then see such unsubscribes from Google - "Failed to sign in to your account. We couldn't verify that this account belongs to you. Please try again later or try recovering your Google account." or another reason, and all because of your browser's emptiness, anti-detection and encryption, and the older your Google account, the more difficult it will be to enter it. Even if you log into your account, the block may come later, but you will not understand why the block came from ... Google sees all browser imitations, they are also in programs that imitate browsers. So how can you improve your account login success? Make a history of actions for the browser, search history, work up the cache. How? In fact, as it was written above on the growth of accounts. And the more foraging, the more real your browser will be in the eyes of Google. As for antidetects and browsers with antidetect - I don’t give any guarantees here that Google will accept you as a native after the story is fattening, it all depends on the quality of the antidetect and the correctness of its settings! But the fact that you need to work up the cache in the browser and more than one day is a fact and take this into account! The more search history in the browser user profile, the better it will be for the future Google account. Therefore, if you want to successfully use accounts, follow the recommended steps and the account will live longer or live forever, it all depends on what you will use the account for!

More moments on old Google accounts. Attention. Accounts may require SMS confirmation by phone when logging in. If there has been no activity on the account for several months, when you first log in, after a long period of inactivity, Google may request SMS confirmation. Therefore, to enter and further work with accounts, if Google asks for SMS confirmation when logging in, you need to perform SMS activation. Claims in this regard will not be accepted. An important point when logging into old Google accounts is after entering your login and password, then entering your backup mail, and then, if Google asks you for SMS confirmation, then you need to confirm it right away, without logging out of your account. If you log out of your account, close the browser and leave the activation "for later" or for other reasons, then after re-logging in, Google may no longer let you into your account and you will see a message from Google of this type or a similar block - "Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you. Try again later or use Account Recovery for help".  And you will no longer be able to sign in to your account! Naturally, such accounts cannot be replaced, be careful!

Another point on using a proxy for Google accounts. If the accounts are all registered from the IP of certain countries, for example Russia, then it is better to use the proxy of the country of Russia than other countries, when using the proxy of other countries, usually Google will ask you to enter a backup mail when entering, this will be normal, but if other data is requested, such like requesting a code for backup mail, receiving SMS and other problems - identify the problem in your proxies, browsers. When logging into an account from low-quality IP, there is a risk of getting an account or SMS request blocked, so complaints and claims in these cases will not be accepted. The main thing in this case is that the IPs are not spammed by Google. When working with accounts, it is highly recommended not to use cheap, free proxy services, as well as VPN, various browser extensions and similar tools, as this will give a huge probability of freezing or blocking the account, both during authorization and in further work. with him.

That's all for now, I think! The article will be updated as any innovations from Google or new recommendations are introduced.

It's up to you to take my advice, but then you don't need to write about the fact that you are having difficulties with your account when logging into it!

The article is connected to the Rules of the store and will serve as an addition and official guide to these rules, where if there are problems with your Google account, you will be denied a refund or replacement of accounts for non-compliance with the recommendations for working with your account, according to the rules of the store!